It's like the automobile club: 

You pick a destination.

I’ll give you a map and offer roadside assistance to make sure you get there.

In this 2-day workshop, we determine exactly what content your target audience is looking for. Together, we lay out a detailed roadmap for creating content to attract the best prospects and move them through the funnel to become happy advocates for your brand. 

At the same time, you learn a new way to think about content that will make all your future campaigns easier. No silly exercises, just practical solutions you can use right away. We take a straightforward, methodical approach to engage your target audience, move them through the funnel, and prompt them into action.

Here's what we cover:

Why Content Marketing?

Content marketing is different from traditional marketing. You'll learn the mindset required to be successful.

  • Interruption vs sustained attention - How content works to create lasting value
  • Usefulness - The essential ingredient of all your content
  • The publisher mindset - How to build a loyal audience that keeps coming back for more
  • Storytelling - The most effective way to connect with your customers

Content Marketing Essentials
We make sure your content marketing is on target and set up for maximum success. You'll:

  • Set clear goals to avoid distractions and stay focused on results
  • Develop robust personas to create engaging content that solves customer problems
  • Map the buyer’s journey in detail to ensure you have content prospects are looking for at every step

Simplifying Content Creation

Even when you know what you need, actually producing content is still a challenge, especially when resources are tight. I show you how to make it easy and get the most out of your time and effort.

  • How to save time by managing content like a product
  • Repurposing: A simple guide to make the most of your content and save a ton of effort
  • Not everyone is a writer: Alternative ways for subject matter experts to contribute

Promoting Your Content to Maximize ROI
Creating content isn't enough. It will take some effort to be sure it's seen by as many of your prospects as possible. In this session you learn how to get maximum exposure for your content.

  • Avoid the HUGE mistake that many companies make with their content efforts
  • Discover how video can be used to drive more leads from ALL of your content.
  • Use social media to expand your audience
  • Integrate calls to action to keep prospects moving through your funnel

Leave with Your Content Roadmap in Hand

I promise you will learn a lot in this workshop. But it's not a training. It's a get-it-done-ing. You'll walk away with a plan for the assets you need and an outline for each one.

Roadside Assistance: Three Months of Follow-up Support

Do you have a filing cabinet full of binders where strategic plans go to die? I don't want your plan to suffer that fate. I want you to be successful. So I am offering twice-monthly, 30-minute calls and unlimited email access to help you keep your project moving.

Use me anyway you like. Brainstorm new ideas. Review content drafts. Help break production bottlenecks. I'm here to help.

  • Generate more leads and sales with less effort.

    Create only the content you need. Avoid wasting time on one-off pieces that don’t produce results.

  • Align your marketing content with your sales process.

    Create content that works together to pull prospects through your funnel. Create assets for multiple personas that cover every stage of the buyer's journey.

  • We hired Chris to help us create detailed content plans for two of our products. We now have three well-defined target personas, including one for the economic buyer that was not addressed in any of our previous content. Both content plans cover every phase of the buying cycle, answering prospect questions from Awareness to post-sale Delight. Best of all, the content aligns perfectly with our Strategic Selling Model. Our sales teams can’t wait to get their hands on it.
    Erin Longdo, Director of Global Marketing, Clinical Systems Division, Bio-Rad

Long Term Value
The foundation of this plan is completely reusable. Once you’ve developed your first plan, you'll save even more time on subsequent content plans for similar products.

This challenge isn’t going away. As life science companies get savvy about content marketing, it will become more difficult to stay ahead of the competition. This is your chance to get out front early and watch everyone else work hard to keep up.


No Risk - 100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm confident you'll be thrilled with the results of this program. That's why I can make this offer. If at any time during the program you decide this will not work for you, I will refund your entire fee. That's right. All of it.

Chris Conner, Owner, Words 2 Wow Life Science Marketing LLC.

You probably have questions. I can't cover all the details here. So why don't we set up a call to answer your questions and fill in the details? I want to make sure this program is a good fit and you are confident it can meet your needs before we move forward.

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